Tutorial posts range over the general taxonomies (Core, Techniques, Languages, Applications, Technologies, and Disciplines) and teach the reader how to do something. Tutorials feature step-by-step processes and explanations or links to more in-depth explanations, which help the reader solve a particular problem or end up with a final product.

Subjects and lengths vary for tutorials. They can range from simple “How do I?” processes to something as complex as building a web app or computer game.

Tutorials are rated by difficulty with green gears by the editors correlating to the old Infocom difficulty levels (Introductory, Standard, Advanced, and Expert). They are also rated by lightbulbs in terms of reception by readers (the more lightbulbs, the better). If a tutorial helps you, please consider leaving a positive rating. If there’s an issue with a tutorial, please leave a comment indicating the issue, and the editors will try to address it.

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