The Techniques taxonomy includes posts (tutorials, news, profiles, series, and blogs) dedicated to programming techniques and paradigms. Before coalescing into concrete mechanisms like languages, there is a preliminary step where the abstract core knowledge is organized into a model that is utilizable in a concrete way. These models are known as programming paradigms. A paradigm encompasses both a way of looking at things and the expectations of the structure of those things. Often this is according to a particular attribute or quality. Paradigms include object-oriented, prototypal, procedural, structured, functional, logical, declarative, and more.

Beyond paradigms, some meta-theories and techniques inform the structures of programming and its subsequent products (languages and programs). Some of these are historical, while others have yet to be attained, and others are interesting curiosities. Many of them focus on models and algorithms for specific problems, including parsing, searching and sorting, and machine learning techniques. All of these techniques and practices are documented here.

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