Here lie posts (tutorials, news, profiles, series, and blogs) involving various specific technologies. These are physical and software platforms that we write our software “on.” For example, I listed PyGame, Raspberry Pi, and even packaging an iOS app.

A “technology” is a framework, whether physical or abstract, that defines the environment in which you program. Let us consider a given machine. We must consider its memory, its instruction set, its interfaces, and its organization. When you must consider these things, you are speaking of a technology or platform. It’s possible to do the same thing on two different technologies. However, you’ll likely do them somewhat differently.

You might wonder why something like PyGame is included here. Isn’t it a software framework/library? It’s included here because, much like a computer processor defines your instruction-set, a framework like PyGame offers you an interface to program within but doesn’t actually do anything by itself. In that regard, technologies found here include frameworks such as Laravel, PyGame, the C++ runtime environment, and more.

Image Based On A Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

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