These posts deal with the concept of efficiency. Efficiency is important in computer science and electronics when attempting to squeeze out maximum performance. Being able to calculate efficiently could mean the difference between 60 frames per second and an unplayable experience in gaming. Efficient calculations also power large scale simulations such as climate simulations and other scientific endeavors. Imaged Based On A Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

Radix Economy

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This article begins with a recap of where we are in the series in regards to the concept of counting. I review the definition of positional notation as outlined in the first article and then move on to reveal how we can calculate the number of digits a value will have in a given radix. In doing so I will go over two mathematical concepts relevant to this calculation: exponents and logarithms. I will then use logarithms to show how you can calculate the efficiency of a given radix, also called the radix economy, and answer the question, “What's the most efficient radix?”