Sometimes a single post doesn’t suffice to cover the extent of a particular subject. This is often true of larger tutorials such as building a web app or a computer game. Sometimes a series of posts might span different types of posts and core taxonomies (Core, Techniques, Languages, Applications, Technologies, and Disciplines) but are linked by a common thread.

You can imagine a series as a sort of miniature (or not so miniature!) book that aggregates several other posts together to achieve coverage of a subject. This often happens in the intricate world of computer programming.

Take WordPress, for instance: it is programmed in PHP, uses SQL, outputs HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and runs inside a web server. These elements are separate and independent from each other, but they can also be brought together to produce a WordPress website. Parts of a WordPress process could be categorized on this site in several places, but a series would bring all the parts of the process together.

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