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Here lie posts dedicated to programming languages. My definition here is a bit broad, technically speaking. Some are more “formatting” languages but contain modules or elements sometimes involving programming, like HTML5. I include them here as well as the more traditional programming languages like C/C++.

Programming languages break up into things called paradigms (though some criticize this practice). As I once wrote when I was twelve, “A paradigm is a framework containing the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology that are commonly accepted by members of a community as defined by the Winston College Dictionary.” Oh, to be so young.

In essence, a paradigm encompasses both a way of looking at things and the expectations of the structure of those things. Often this is according to a particular attribute or quality.

There are so many proposed paradigms of programming languages it would be exhausting to list them all here. Please note the very real possibility for any given language to “belong” to more than one paradigm. You call such a beast a multi-paradigm language.

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