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Here lie posts dedicated to programming applications. These days the distinction between what is a framework/technology and what is an application is often blurred. In one sense, WordPress out of the box allows you to make a blog. In another sense, it provides functionality that expands within that environment with additional code. The major difference here between something like WordPress and a technology such as PyGame is simple.

An application is able to perform a function or empower the user in relation to a task without additional programming. You can install WordPress and never code again, you’ll still have a blog. You can’t install PyGame and expect to instantly have a game engine.

This section outlines various applications (that sometimes act as frameworks) such as the aforementioned WordPress, as well as Godot, Unity, or even Visual Novel Maker. It also covers integrated development environments (IDEs) such as Visual Studio Code, JetBrains, Eclipse, and even emacs.

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