The People Behind The Site

Although this site is set up to host the work of multiple dedicated authors, it is currently spearheaded by its founder Asher Wolfstein. If you are interested in becoming a contributor please use the form at the end of the post to contact us.

Asher Wolfstein – Founder

This image shows Asher Wolfstein with a costume head on sitting and using a TRS-80 Color Computer II
Asher Wolfstein operating his TRS-80 Color Computer II 16k

How To Program Anything is the brainchild of programmer, author, and artist Asher Wolfstein. He currently heads up his company, our sponsor, The Novelty Factor LLC, which provides a working environment for creative projects. He also has his own personal blog, World Of Wunk, and leads an online project for the Chraki constructed (programming) language.

Asher was deeply inspired at a young age during a personal demonstration of the Nintendo Entertainment System, North America’s version of the Japanese ファミコン. The three games initially demonstrated were Super Mario Bros., Legend Of Zelda, and Kid Icarus. It wasn’t long before Asher’s family had an NES of their own and a subscription to Nintendo Power. After Asher read an article on Shigeru Miyamoto (宮本茂), he quickly determined his future career would be “game designer.” He has cultivated a deep passion for bringing the worlds of fantasy and art to life through electronics in creative ways.

Acting as lead author/editor, Asher is a self-taught programmer of more than twenty years. He first taught himself ColorBASIC on a TRS-80 Color Computer (CoCo) II 16k from the included manuals at seven. After his family acquired a Macintosh IIsi for Christmas, he upgraded to Microsoft QuickBASIC. As a pre-teen, he moved on to C/C++ using his older brother’s college textbook and the Metrowerks compiler CodeWarrior on the Motorola 68k processor of the IIsi. Eventually, he used his own 4-H savings to purchase a PowerPC-based computer (a step beyond his brother’s Quadra’s 68040 processor). After graduating high school, he worked as an insurance agent, but then as a professional programmer for the Gunbarrel-based firm Output Services Inc. Here, he used his C, SQL, and PostScript skills to optimize the company’s printing processes by up to 40%, decreasing processing time, memory size, and, subsequently, power input. After OSI, he worked for a year as a Technology Paraprofessional running the computer lab and tech support at the elementary school he attended. He now lives in Fort Collins, CO, with his husband, developing websites and computer games.

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